Drone shooting

Experience a new view of the world from a bird’s eye view. Enjoy a new view of the world – from a height in 4K resolution. Get yourself a drone shot of Your house, cottage or anything you want from the air simply and with quality.

Capture important outdoor events such as sporting events, celebrations or holidays in a new and exciting way – from the air.

Monitoring construction using drones

Build a building, pool or any facility. Record the construction process from a height. You will get a complete picture as well as the possibility of recording the construction process from which the film can be made so that the weeks or months of construction can be recorded in just a few minutes.

Or simply record construction details like a photo or video.

Inspection of tall buildings

Save time and money on structural and other controls of tall buildings. Easily and quickly visually inspect buildings such as bridges or towers. Photographing and recording details on high objects in 4k resolution gives the possibility of later review and analysis. Quickly, safely and easily check the condition of roof coverings, facades, paint as well as damage in high and hard-to-reach places on your building.

Possibilities in the use of drones

Drones are used in almost all spheres of life. Their use is more and more frequent in agriculture, where dusting from the air is emphasized, as well as the control of crop diseases with the help of special cameras.

They are an unavoidable part of the military industry where they have found a huge application

Terrain mapping using drone practices in agriculture and construction.

Aerial search and surveillance has become common practice.